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What I miss (updated)

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Faceman was excoriating me yesterday for being a bit quiet on the blog. I have excuses:
1) I just moved apartments, which consumed a lot of energy
2) I have been working a bit harder at the office, now that the August holiday is over
3) My new DSL line is not yet operational

Anyway, I am back in action.

A few months ago, I posted on things I miss. Here is an updated list of the things I really miss about North America:
  • English Common Law. Turkey's legal system, based on Swiss Civil Law, is cumbersome. I think the evidence supports Richard Posner's claim that Common Law, based on a system of precedents which result in a spontaneous order, is an efficient way to order a society. Certainly more efficient than legislative fiat.
  • American Retailing. Information technology, telecoms and outsourcing receive all the headlines, but the stunning development in the American economy over the last ten years has been the dramatic increase in productivity in the retailing sector. This appears to be due to the fact that technology-using (as opposed to technology-producting) sectors are the ones that have enjoyed the greatest productivity increases. American retailers, driven by intense competition, have passed those increases on to customers. I miss both the quality of service and low prices.
  • The National Football League. This Sunday, I will not spend hours in front of the television. I will not eat mounds of greasy food and drink too much beer. I will not wear a midnight green jersey with a large 5 on the back. And I am a poorer man as a result.

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  1. Anonymous Ace 


  2. Anonymous Clarkus 

    But you can order beer and haul it in with a basket. You are a very, very wealthy man. Stop your bitchin.

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