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Is this thing on?

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Q: Why does Michael Jackson like twenty-five-year-old boys?
A: Because there are twenty of them.

I managed to tell this joke in Turkish today in class, which was quite a feat. Humour is extremely difficult to master in another language. As an example, I speak French pretty much fluently, but could never manage to tell a joke that would please the Gallic funnybone. I suppose this is primarily due to the fact that the French believe that Jerry Lewis and people with red plastic noses are the pinnacle of human comedy. French famously has no proper word which is the equivalent of "humour". They are literally humourless.

Anyway, the joke I actually wanted to tell, but was unable to, is the following, contributed by Ace:
Q: What is the difference between a Ukrainian woman and a catfish?
A: One stinks and has whiskers, and the other is a fish.


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