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They Call Me the Working Man

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I have refrained thus far from discussing work on this blog because (a) I wish to remain discreet and respect the privacy of my associates and (b) I have generally assumed that the public has no interest in matters relating to my pursuit of filthy lucre.

However, I somehow feel the need to correct the misapprehension that I'm not really working here. Far from the truth. Actually, some of my most fun times in Istanbul have been work-related - mostly doing a ton of research, building relationships and trying to figure out how to go about doing business in a sensible manner. All in all, good fun. And it has been busy.

I do, however, have a somewhat amusing story related to my recent visit to Cyprus, jewel of the Aegean.

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I was on the island looking at some properties with an associate who, for the purposes of the blog, I shall refer to as "Tom Hagen", since I regard him as a sort of consigliere in my Turkish business affairs. Tom Hagen had arranged to interview a prospective employee, who was looking for a property sales position. As we sat drinking tea in a sunny office, the lady entered with a flourish, and I immediately thought to myself "this one's gonna be a short interview". She breezed in, clad in jeans and casual blouse, pancake makeup covering a deep, furious tan. My practiced Californian eye noted the thick collagen lips, the characteristic "deer in the headlights" Botox eyes and the unmistakable silicone in her ample bosom. The total effect evoked an aging South Florida divorcée. She explained to Tom Hagen, in Turkish, that she didn't feel comfortable speaking English and had no prior real estate experience. Her most recent employment was as a belly dancer. Her stage name was "Butterfly".

Now, my buddy EnduranceJay regularly bemoans the sheer quantity of parvenues who are gravitating to the field of real estate these days. But this Butterfly, I thought to myself, took the cake.

"How did she even get the interview?" I asked Tom Hagen.

He motioned to the sweaty construction manager who had shown her to the door.

"I think he's fucking her."

Another day of business in Turkey.

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