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Knappy in da house

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My buddy Knappy and his friend Barb showed up in Istanbul yesterday. Knappy is an avid reader of the blog and insists that I have carte blanche to publish any and all of his exploits, however he doesn't want his real name being used. Pretty much everyone knows him as Knappy anyway, so I don't believe this subterfuge achieves a great deal.

Knappy, for those of you who don't know, is a legend. He and my buddy Clanger jointly formed the most competent administration at my old college fraternity (rather akin to a "tallest midget" designation). Knappy was the man who organized some of the most ridiculous mixers and parties I've ever seen, including a memorable one where he stood on the DJ's mixing table and sang the entire lyrics to Young MC's immortal "Busta Move". Many of his more entertaining exploits are unsuitable for the exceedingly high "family blog" editorial standards that we at Taken At The Flood seek to espouse.

But I will keep you up to date as to his adventures.

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