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This morning, I awoke and went to yoga class. 
Now this was a little weird - we meditated, did some dancing, some aerobics style jumping about, some typical asanas, but it was unlike any other yoga class I have ever experienced.
Typical quotes:
"Listen inwards.  Think 'who am I'? Find the answer within yourself."
"Turn your attention towards the universe.  Feel the cosmos."
Shortly after class was finished, Ace arrived, and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch, catching up.  Then, we walked through the city, watching the old men reading newspapers, merchants sitting on the pavement selling produce, children playing in the streets, roosters, hens, cows.  At one point, Ace was trying to tell me something from the guidebook, but I completely ignored him, watching, fascinated, a woman who was squatting on the sidewalk, braiding her daughter's hair, while her infant child burbled on her back.
We have some great pictures from this walk, which I hope to post later, including one which Ace managed to swiftly take.  I had sat down in the middle of a square, and said hi to a little boy, no more than 4 years old, who was playing ball.  This little fellow decided he would sit beside me and have a quiet chat for a bit.  He was so small, he struggled to sit upon the low stone bench, but once he was up there, he just beamed, content.
This evening before dinner we spent a few hours negotiating the purchase of entry into Tibet. Hopefully, we shall find our way there without mishap.
To assuage our families' fears: all is quiet and serene in Kathmandu.  Please don't worry.

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