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Bleg: Band name suggestions

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People who travel to Nepal in particular, or the Himalayas in general, are typically in search of something in their lives. As countless souls before me, I have been reflecting on life in general, and have come to a few potentially destiny-changing decisions:
1) I am going to buy a barbecue. When describing my apartment to Ace, I mentioned my balcony which overlooks the Bosporus, and he immediately said "dude - barbecue!" A brilliant idea. I will be making mishkaki (East African/Indian spicy barbecued meat) two weeks from now.
2) I am going to start a band. The quality of singing in this town has been so abysmal that I'm convinced I could do a better job. My buddy Tunç Bey is presently forming a band in Istanbul, and I know he needs a bassist, but I'm thinking they may also need a competent frontman. Ace asked "can you write music?" and I replied, "How hard can it be?" I mean, I have a couple of years of formal musical training (Mr. Hooper's grade 7 and 8 classes), whereas Paul McCartney couldn't read music when he wrote "Yesterday" at the age of twenty-one.
My one question is what the band´s name should be, hence the "bleg". (Blog + beg = bleg).
I had assumed I was going to call my band "The Competitive Sluts" (for reasons that are too complicated to get into, especially in a family blog) but Ace thought this would be inappropriate for gentlemen. He suggested "Electric Mariachi", which is decent. I have always been partial to Mariachi music and consider it one of my duties as Best Man to hire such a band for his wedding, without ZMama or any of her family (or Ace's family, for that matter) getting wind of my scheme.
But I've decided to put it out to the readership of "Taken At The Flood" to suggest a name for my forthcoming band. Please respond in the comment field.

7 Responses to “Bleg: Band name suggestions”

  1. Anonymous Captain Lou 

    Band Cognomen Suggestions:

    - Instigator (for the hockey reference)
    - Dingleberry (I always thought this would be a great band name)

  2. Anonymous Mr M 

    Your band should be called: SENATURKS.
    Which will remind you of how a Senator fan became a Turk.

  3. Anonymous j 

    Why not "extra mutton"?

  4. Anonymous faceman 


  5. Anonymous Sunset Shazz 

    Actually, I suggested "Extra Mutton" this morning. I figure if I lived in Kathmandu that would be my nickname.

  6. Anonymous Laurence 

    I like:

    "flip digitals"

    "1 effin' dollar"

    "korean smoke screen"

    OK - Those are all terrible. My apologies.


  7. Anonymous lydia 

    what about

    kaderde varsa

    maybe you know already know that this is the start to a turkish expression
    kaderde varsa duzulmek
    neye yarar uzulmek
    it's kind of like "if it's your destiny to be fucked, what's the point in being sad" except better, because it rhymes, and all things improve with rhyming, right?
    anyway, all turks will know what you mean if you just use the first part

    or else something featuring the word batakhane
    i don't even know how i ended up on this blog
    anyway, godspeed

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