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I'm going to destroy this remote

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It's official. German television producers are the stupidest people on the planet. Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach go on to careers in German television programming and production.

Just so you know, when they say "we're gonna show Men's Ice Hockey", they really mean "we're gonna show the nightly news, then a talking head, followed by about ten minutes of hockey, then an Austrian medal ceremony, a long interview with some athletes, a silly reality tv contest, and some figure skating."

None of this would be so bad if the effing IOC would let me listen to my team on the internet. I will pay good money for this privilege, you bastards. This, to quote my cousin, is market failure.

I'm so pissed off right now.

. . . In other news, Katarina Witt is still hot.

4 Responses to “I'm going to destroy this remote”

  1. Anonymous Diamond 

    i cannot acesss you articles. I hope you and the lardo are having a good tima.


  2. Anonymous J-Sun 

    You are soooooooo wrong Shoe.... televison producers del Estados Unidos are the stupidest! LOL! ;)
    Oh wait - They are the smartest!! They have us all HYP-NO-TIZED!

    Gah! You're right again!

  3. Anonymous J-Sun 

    You know -- I thought you were someone else... but now I now who you are for sure.

    Do you know who I am?

    Our most recent commonality lies here:

    Good God - I have forgotten your true name... who is this Sunset Shazz!

    ... there has been a great confusion as to where things really are


    Turkey, eh? Good For you!
    Ready for the Solar Eclipse?!


  4. Anonymous J-Sun 

    Did I neglect to mention that in my lexicon the word "now" and "know" are one in the same?!

    Who is this man who laughs?!?!


    By the way... what is stopping the wayward web-traveller from assimilating the name J-Sun and ostensibly becoming me?!

    So depressing. I will leave you now.

    or do I mean to say "know"?

    I just don't now, I mean know ACK!


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